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At Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery North, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Drs. Matthew Steuer, Nathan Ringer, Ben Bailey, and Eric Ringer are highly qualified and trained to provide optimal patient outcomes. With attention to detail and a dedication to providing the highest level of care, each of our skilled surgeons is proud to serve patients of all ages in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Learn more by viewing each surgeon's complete bio and list of credentials.

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At Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery North, we are dedicated to offering exceptional oral care in order to improve the lives of our patients. Our team of highly skilled and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons works to understand your individualized needs and concerns before formulating a treatment plan that is customized specifically for you. Browse our videos to learn about our efforts to have our patients experience comfortable and effective treatments.


"5 stars! I took my oldest daughter to Dr. Steuer for wisdom teeth extraction. He did a beautiful job and she was up and back to her normal self so quickly! I appreciated his personal attention and care. In fact, my middle daughter is soon seeing Dr. Steuer to have her wisdom teeth removed!"



"If you have SEVERE dental anxiety/panic attacks and avoid any kind of dental care until drastic things are required, like teeth extraction or other oral surgery, this is the place for you! I have dental phobia and have a hard time maintaining regular dental visits due to the extreme nature of my anxiety, but a dental emergency resulting in excruciating pain came about and I had no choice but to be evaluated and treated. This office was patient with me from the moment I called, til everything was done. They take their jobs seriously and understand dental anxiety. They go above and beyond to ensure you feel safe and as comfortable as possible. I was able to have emergency oral surgery the very next day after the evaluation and I can't say enough good things. The doctor is incredible, there are no other words to describe him. The entire staff is the same. I am SO thankful for their kindness towards me, as I know I am a difficult patient but they made me feel so safe and secure despite my anxiety. I could go on and on about my positive experiences, so please trust me and other reviewers who state there is no better oral surgeons to go to but this clinic (which conveniently have a north and south location in the Springs)!!! You won't regret it! In addition to the above, their office is very clean, the staff takes precautions for covid seriously, and they are willing to work with you regarding insurance processes and payment options!"



"I was very nervous, about the visit.. The staff from the front desk, to my nurse Rosa, and the surgeon made me feel as if we’ve seen each other before.. I would recommend this location for any oral surgery needs. And the office is very clean and neat.. I’m sure everyone here is equally as nice. Thanks again Rosa"



"Went in to have my wisdoms removed, and it went my like a breeze. Fantastic care and service from the medical staff. took the request for me to keep my teeth well and respectfully. The anisthisia worked like a charm and made the time go by fast for me. If i had another set of wisdom teeth come in, 10/10 would do again."



"Wow, fast and painless! Wisdom teeth extracted in a few minutes each, and I was back at work in under an hour. No significant pain, no complications, I didn't even need the after-care painkillers. Great job by Dr Matt, he definitely knows what he's doing."




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